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I’d been talking about it for years really. Starting my own business, being my own boss, taking on projects I’d enjoy

and having my work hours balance with my family needs. I’d mention it all the time. At family dinners, at the monthly friend coffee gathering while the kids played nearby, and to myself every time I got to feeling stuck where I was. I’d intermittently help with web emergencies for friends and answer random questions. Do you know what happens when you do that enough? Eventually someone who has faith in your skills will likely put you in the position to do just what you keep talking about.

What did it take you might ask. What triggered this new adventure that is both tiring and exciting at the same time? An accountant. Who just happens to also be a dear friend. You see, of all the businesses or individuals out in the world accountants will hold you responsible for your tax accountability, especially when it affects their business too. So when she approached me to redesign her site (https://chawkins.tax/) she made it clear it was time for me to make it official since she was going to send me the tax document at the end of the year whether I was or not. Was it strong arming? No. You can’t really strong arm someone into doing something they’ve been wanting to do but were scared to. I call it more “kick in the back side.” (For the record, even though it’s at the end of the season and my timing for getting this written could have been better, Cheryl really does LOVE doing taxes. I think she’s a little touched in the head, but I adore looking at code and social media so who am I to talk? I’d check her out, she’s in Jordan Minnesota but she’s worth the trip out.)

It’s been just a few months, but it’s been an exciting ride already. It hasn’t been easy. I’m currently doing this in the time I have after working my day job (I work for a non-profit here in the Twin Cities) and being a family woman (I have a 4 year old daughter and a husband). I’ve been learning a lot and have been coming to realizations and it struck me that this might be a good thing to document. Put out there what I’ve been coming across for people who are going to take, or already are taking, this type of journey.

If I even help a little then this blog would have done what I intended it to

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